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Review : His Heart by Claire Kingsley

Title : His Heart
Author : Claire Kingsley
Genre(s) : Contemporary Romance, abuse, college
Published : November 8th 2017
My Rating : 4 Stars

Brooke Summerlin’s life is like a Cinderella story. Raised by an abusive, drug addicted mother, she desperately hides the truth about where she comes from. But Prince Charming arrives in the form of Liam, the most popular guy at school. He sweeps into her life and carries her away to what is supposed to be a happily ever after.

Until it isn’t.

Sebastian McKinney is the son of an Iowa state champion wrestler, and that’s what he’s going to be. Wrestling is his life. He’s focused. Determined. Nothing will stand in his way.

Except a silent illness that almost kills him.

Brooke’s greatest tragedy becomes Sebastian’s second chance at life. Four years later, he’s moving forward, his body healthy, while she is left to sink in grief that threatens to drown her. Haunted by a past she can’t escape.

But sometimes love transcends the boundaries of life and death—between what is known and what cannot be explained. The heart that loved Brooke continues to beat, and even now, it still beats for her. 

“This heart is yours. It always was, and I’m grateful every day that it led me to you.”

I usually don't read straight contemporary romance again since my preference had changed years ago. But this book cover and blurb had caught my attention and made me curious. So, I decided to give this book a try...

I really didn't want to spill any spoilers about this book because all the feels that the book gave me when I'm reading it.
So instead of trying to 'retelling' the story with my own words, I decided to focusing on what I feels during the reading...

Claire Kingsley definitely a new author to me and I found out that her writing pretty good and suit to my liking. Simply but deep enough to make me feels the MC's emotions and their struggling. Good characters development was the other plus I gave to this book. How the MC's facing their own 'trauma' and deal with it feels so logic & believable. 

The slow pace with good plotting was another plus points that made this book feels so intense. The story itself divided into three part and each phase was telling Brooke and Liam's story and Sebastian story as part of 'the before', and the last part telling us the story about how Brooke and Sebastian meet which I called is as 'the after'. And this is the part when the author playing with the reader feels way more 'intense'.

I can't denied that I do 'hate' Brooke at some part, for keep pushing away people who truly love and care for her. But I tried to put myself on Brooke's shoes and ask myself 'what will I do if what happen to Brooke happen to me', and then I start to see things differently. That 'letting go' was NOT the easy things to do. Brooke NEED to letting go, but in the process, she NEED someone who could make her see the future and make her feel ALIVE again...

I actually have read a book that feels similar to this one years ago, about 'the heart that still knowing his love ones even fate had made them apart', but I must admit that this one feels way more intense and the 'journey' feels a bit longer.

His Heart definitely a long emotional reading, but it totally worth your time.


Review : Borrowing Blue (Made Marian #1) by Lucy Lennox

Title : Borrowing Blue
Series : Made Marian #1
Author : Lucy Lennox
Genre(s) : Contemporary Gay Romance
Published : November 23rd 2016
My Rating : 4 Stars

Blue: When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm, I want nothing more than to prove to him that I've moved on. Thankfully, the sexy stranger sitting next to me is more than willing to share a few kisses in the name of revenge. It gets even better when those scorching kisses turn into a night of fiery passion.

The only problem? Turns out the stranger's brother is marrying my sister later this week.

Tristan: I have one rule: no messing with the guests at my vineyard resort. Of course the one exception I make turns out to be the brother of the woman my brother's about to marry. Now we're stuck together for a week of wedding activities, and there's no avoiding the heat burning between us.

So fine, we make a deal: one week. One week to enjoy each other's bodies and get it out of our system. Once the bride and groom say I do and we become family, it'll all be over between us. Right?

Fair warning: Blue and Tristan's story contains smoking hot scenes of man parts touching, pee-in-pants descriptions of grannies cursing, and the sweet improbability of two strangers finding their happily ever after when they least expect it.

Well, actually I read this story last year. Yup! January 2017. LAST YEAR!

But I can still remember vividly what the story was all about, because it's hard to forget the story that leave deep impression to your heart even it's already been a year.

Borrowing Blue was my first Lucy Lennox's book and I clicked instantly with her writing style right from the start. And since then, I'm hooked to The Marian's family and all their 'craziness'. 

This series really hard to 'resist' and completely 'addicted'. Once you know The Marian's, trust cannot resist their 'charms'!

The first book from the series is about Blue. One of The Marian's guys who just got dumped by his longterm boyfriend for the younger more fresh guy.

When his ex get invited to Blue's little sister wedding and bring along his new boy toy, Blue didn't want his ex found him with no spouse to the wedding. So, when he accidentally spot his ex and his new lover at the bar near the vineyard where his sister wedding will be held, Blue then 'asking' this stranger who sit beside him at the bar to 'help' him pretend as his boyfriend. 

When his ex finally spot him, surpringly, the drop dead gorgeous stranger agreed to help Blue covering him as 'his' boyfriend and play along convincingly.

One passionate kiss followed by another breathtaking kiss...and then the next thing they know is they want more.....

What Blue never expected is that later he found out that the handsome stranger was actually the brother of his-soon-to-be his brother in law. And another shocking thing is...he is  STRAIGHT!!!

Things then start to feels awkward and funny as hell when they decided to continue their charade as boyfriend in front their family and facing Blue's mother craziness to set another wedding bells to both of them.

The ups and downs of the feeling between the two went a bit more intense during the week before the wedding being held.

When what they thought was just a fling become way more intense , will they both denying the growing feeling between them? Will they stick to their terms to ended what they did when the wedding is over?

Well, you can't 'borrowing' someone else heart and leave it just like that, right?

Can Blue leave his heart at the vineyard and chase his dream?

Find how these two trying to deal with their feels. Trust me, you'll keep that silly smiling face the whole reading!


I can't believe that this is actually a debut novel from the author! For a debut novel, I must admit that the author pass all the test with flying colors!

I really enjoying the writing and the plot. And all the characters in this book, especially this Aunt Tilly, badass old lady that 'sees' anything clearly right from the very start! She's no doubt become my favorite character in this series!

What I like about this book is even what had happen between Blue and Tristan was a bit too fast and could be said as 'insta-love', but their insta-connection didn't feel meh (at least for me), on the contrary it feels beautiful and I like it.

Like I said before, I like the author writing style. The story was light with low angst with loveable characters, some also a bit annoying but there's also fun and badass characters here that will shocked you with what they did like Aunt Tilly and The grannies!

What I don't like in this story is the way Blue choose to 'believe' Jen, Tristan's ex-wife, bullshit rather that trusting Tristan and let Jen lies consumed him and jeopardize what they have. And the unlogic thing about why Blue's parents keep inviting Blue's ex to the wedding when they know that it will hurt their son feeling? It's totally weird ya know...

But overall, this book  totally compelling and you shouldn't miss it!
See you in the next book!

I can't wait to tell you more about The Marian's boys and the badass old lady, Aunt Tilly!


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Review : Unlovable (Hooked #7) by Charity Parkerson.

Title : Unlovable
Authort : Charity Parkerson
Series : Hooked #7
Genre(s) : Contemporary Gay Romance
Published : February 5th 2018
My Rating : 4 Out of 5 Stars

They weren’t supposed to matter. It was just sex, until it wasn’t.
Rylan is the makeup artist for the stars. Everyone who is anyone employs his services. No one wants him the way Tim does, especially since Rylan isn’t the least bit likable. Since Rylan isn’t in the business of pleasing anyone except himself, he doesn’t care what people think of him—not even Tim.
Tim has no idea why he can’t stay away from Rylan. The man is rude, egotistical, and abrasive as hell. Rylan is also the most passionate person Tim has ever met. Every time Tim thinks he’s done, something about Rylan keeps him hanging on.
After an out-of-town and on set disastrous weekend together, Tim has finally reached his limit. That is, until he learns the real reason behind Rylan’s inability to let anyone close. Now, Tim can’t stop trying win the most unlovable man on the planet.

I jumped into this book without even care of the fact that this is actually book #7 in the series. And no, I haven't read any of this author works include the Hooked series.

So why decided to read the book without second thoughts?

It because the guy on the cover mesmerized me and my coverslut eyes can't stand not to pass it just like that without looking on the blurb. And the second I finished read the blurb, I decided to read the book right away!

Like I said before that I jumped into the story without knowing anything about the previous stories or characters from the previous book, so...even it says that this book can be read as stand alone, it still feels like you jumped into the middle of a long story and feels a bit confused and need an 'adjustment' here and there with some characters from the previous book that make their appearance in this story, like Kano and his husband, Adam who have direct relations with Tim and Rylan, the both MC from this book. 

But no worries, because as soon as you into the story, you'll not pay much care for that because Rylan and Tim story will engulf you with their own story and there's no way you can put it down.

“I don’t like to be touched.....except by you. You’re different. When you’re holding me, I feel protected from the world....”

Rylan had build his own fame from zero to something. And he earn his top position as well-known make up artist with pure dedication. Everyone know him for his sass and snark attitude and also his ability to break someone else heart or pushed everyone out of arm length. No one know that behind all those mask Rylan shown, hide a broken soul with traumatic past that craved to be loves....

For two years, Tim had become Rylan fuck buddies. And for that long, Tim seems not to care for being 'used' by Rylan and have to satisfied that they relationship was nothing that just sex. What Tim know that he care for Rylan since their first kiss. When Tim know that there's a broken guy behind the diva side Rylan trying to show, he couldn't denied anymore that he love Rylan with all his damage side  and want to protect him forever. Tim want to show Rylan that he capable to love and worth to be loved.

But will Rylan open his already wounded heart for Tim's love?

I don't know about what other readers feels, but the ups and down feeling also the push and pull between Rylan and Tim the whole reading was so intense. And one thing I know for sure that Tim's unconditional love will melted your heart!

Gosh! I need to read Kano and Adam story right after this and maybe all the previous books in the series!!! 

Oh, and I also curious about Dex's story! 

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Review : The Phisher King by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid 

Title : The Phisher King
Author : Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
Genre : M/M Gay Romance, Gay Romance, Crime-Suspense-Mystery
Published : March 29th 2017
My Ratings : 4 of 5 Stars

In his nightly ritual of trolling dude-bros online, college student and hacker Hunter Walsh uncovers a terrorist plot to bomb Seattle Pride. When his digging hits a wall, he anonymously surrenders his findings to the FBI—only to discover he didn't cover his tracks as well as he'd thought. Agent Callum Riggs shows up on his doorstep with an ultimatum: Help the FBI find the culprits or face jail time for his hacking. Hunter hates and mistrusts the Fed, but he has no other choice.

Straight-arrow Cal has better things to do than babysit a pink-haired criminal—even if Hunter is everything Cal wants and has never let himself have—but he can't ignore the lethal threat Liberty Association poses to their community. When the Bureau refuses to allocate more resources to the case, Cal is forced into a devil's bargain, not only tolerating Hunter's rebellious behavior in exchange for his help but serving as Hunter's personal bodyguard 24/7.

Will these total opposites work together to foil a deadly plot? Or will their constant bickering and seething sexual tension endanger everything both men hold dear? And if they do succeed, can enemies become lovers, or will their differences keep them apart?

First, I must admit that I love the cover. It succeed grab my coverslut eyes and stir the curiosity in me. The blurb was another thing that drew my curiosity even more and made me decided to read this book right away.

Soon I found that I'm drowning to the sexy FBI agent, Cal Riggs and his 'adventure-duet' with the dyed pink hair hacker with filthy mouth that need his protection from a group of terrorist that threaten his life because what he 'accidentally' found.

The interesting part in this story is how this pinky-hair-hacker turned Cal's life upside down with their  opposite attract, constant bickering and 'habits', but at the same time, Hunter's presence also made Cal want things he shouldn't want...
And falling for the one he should protect was not on his plan!

The high sexual tensions was visible right from the very start and almost on the entire reading, but GOSH! - nothing had happen until nearly end of the book! But when it FINALLY happen, trust me, it WORTH the wait!!

So, will Cal keep Hunter's stay safe and save the gay parade from the terrorist attacks?
It's up to you to find the answer....


Friday, February 2, 2018

ARC Review : Finders Keepers by N.R. Walker

Title : Finders Keepers
Author : N.R. Walker
Genre(s) : Contemporary Gay Romance
Cover Artist: Humble Nations 
Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Published : February 2nd 2018
My Ratings : 5 Stars

Needing a change of scene, Griffin Burke moves from Brisbane to Coolum Beach to start a new job. The beautiful white sand, aqua-coloured ocean, blue skies, and summer breezes are everything he longs for. What he finds is a mud-covered dog, lost and hungry, with a nametag and a phone number. 

Dane Hughes is stuck in Surfers Paradise at a week-long work conference when he gets a phone call from his distraught mother. His dog, his   fur baby, Wicket, has run away. Unable to leave and feeling helpless and miserable, he gets a text from a guy. “I think I found your dog…”

Griffin and Dane start talking, and Griffin agrees to look after Wicket until Dane can collect him. With a few days left before his new job starts, Griffin takes Wicket on some coastal adventures and sends Dane photos of their fun, and so the start of something new and kind of wonderful begins. 

Griffin might have moved to Coolum in search of a new life, but what he finds is so much more. What he gets to keep just might take some four-legged help.

I think Wicket knew exactly what he was doing when he found you...

N.R. Walker did it again!

She's the master in making what seems like 'just another ordinary things' turned into something Wowmazing story with her writing.

I must admit that Insta-love was usually NOT my thing, but in N.R. Walker hands, I found out that the story far from cheesy messy things, instead I feel it heartwarming and I can't stop my face from grinning and swooning the whole reading!

When his previous relationship turned into ugly breakup, Dane decided that he need a break and focusing on his job and spoiled his dog, Wicket. 

And no one ever knew how the universe work its magic, but when you stop 'searching', the universe will do its way to bring your other half right to your nose in unbelievable way...

Dane never thought that his darling baby dog, Wicket will took part in finding his other half in completely unbelievable way.

But Wicket seems to 'know' right from the very start that he can find the right man for his daddy and also another daddy for himself.

Griffin just moving from Brisbane to Coolum Beach to start his new job as a manager at the local beach hotel when he accidentally found a stray dog covered in mud on his way to hiking park.

And he never thought that the dog he saved will lead him into the love of his life...

I love the writing right from the start. It's love at first impression when the two MC's start their growing emotions even before they meet in person. But you can feel that the connection is there through the chat conversations and phone call. 
How the author write the scenes and build the reader anticipation was amazing. Even it's insta-love and both Dane and Griffin had laid their feeling on the table, but its written in medium pace and slow. The chemistry was there right from the start, the sexual tensions between the two MC's were also feels right on it place.

The secondary characters were also lovable. I really like Griffin's landlady, Bernice and her 'no filter' mouth that put Griffin's face in fifty shade of red so many times. And I blushes along with Griffin each time she teasing him.

I love the way the author include the dog feelings by showing its mind through his cute expressions. It's another plus side in this story. 

Finders Keepers is a fun, sweet and heartwarming story with a dog that took part as a matchmaker and finding his daddy a new lover and have their HEA in cute and simple way.

N.R. Walker never fails to amaze me with her simply ordinary story but wrapped in amazing writing.

“Finding him that day was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because then I found you.” 

“Finders keepers?” 
“For always.”

Highly Recommended!

N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance.

She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is many things: a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who live in her head, who don’t let her sleep at night unless she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things… but likes it even more when they fall in love.

She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since… 

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Release Blitz, Review Tour & Giveaway : Dead Fall (Dead Things #2) by Meredith Russell

Title : Dead Fall
Series : Dead Things #2
Author : Meredith Russell
Genre(s) : Gay Romance, Fantasy, Zombie's apocalypse
Cover Design : Meredith Russell
Published : January 31st 2018
Length : 66,000 words approx
My Rating : 4 Stars

Since the events in Chicago, Devin and Noah dare to believe that a future is possible, and there is hope. For them and humanity.

Noah struggles to find his place at Devin’s side. Stricken with survivor’s guilt and a driving need to make a difference, Noah leaves his lover to investigate the only lead he has to stop the undead. Himself.

Devin has fought to stay sane in a world of horror for too long and his one shining light is Noah. When Noah heads off on some misguided venture to search for answers, Devin knows he can’t bear to be the one left behind again.

They are two men who have nothing, and everything, to lose.

Chapter One

    “Finger off the trigger,” Devin Reid instructed.
    Noah rested his index finger on the side of the trigger guard, and stared down the makeshift gun range. He lowered his head, frustrated by his failure to hit all the targets set out for him.
    “You just need to relax a little.”
    Noah glanced at Devin. “You said to grip it tightly.”
    With a nod, Devin said, “I know. But not so hard your hand shakes.” He pushed away from the front of the car, and came to stand beside Noah. “Grip. Ease off slightly.” He squeezed his hand around Noah’s, then relaxed it as he gave his instructions.
    Devin’s hand was warm and clammy but Noah didn’t care. A small smile curled the corner of his mouth at Devin’s touch.
    Devin’s breath was shaky as he lowered his head.
    Things had been strange between the two of them over the last seven weeks. Both of them were figuring out where they fit in the world, and in each other’s lives. They had spent more time together, though Devin remained somewhat distant, not that Noah blamed him. Devin had lost the man he’d loved at the start of the monster-filled nightmare they found themselves in. He understood that Devin struggled with the lack of closure he still felt, despite knowing there was no coming back for Connor. The man Devin had known was dead. But it was about more than Connor. It was about Devin not thinking himself strong enough to go through that kind of loss all over again. To leave himself open to such grief and despair if he got close to Noah only to lose him as well. 
    Noah closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of Devin’s breath on his neck. His heart ached as he longed to have Devin close. He remembered the warmth of Devin’s touch, the lines of his body, and the feel of Devin’s skin on his during the night they’d spent together in Chicago.
    Chicago. He wondered what had become of the people they’d left behind. Were they safe? Was Chicago still able to offer them protection?
    Sometimes he felt guilty that he didn’t care more. It wasn’t as if he knew them, not really. He wasn’t sure he remembered their faces anymore. Them or the people who had died on the journey there.
    The journey for a cure. Had anything come from the blood sample they’d taken from him, of the vaccine or biological weapon against the undead they hoped to create?
    His blood had saved Devin, had created a serum that could battle the infection, but it wasn’t a true solution. It could happen again, to Devin, to everybody.
    Silence fell between them and Noah opened his eyes. Devin was looking at him through his shades, one crooked eyebrow raised above the frames.
    “It helps if you keep your eyes open.” Devin smirked and reached down, taking Noah’s other hand in his. “Support your grip with your left.”
    “Like this?” Noah waited as Devin checked his hold. He shifted his footing, steadying himself as he battled the frustration over only being able to hit the target two times out of five. “I don’t get why I’m doing this. I managed perfectly fine without a gun before you showed up.”
    Has it really only been seven weeks? It feels like longer. A lot had happened since the day Devin had turned up at the Weber family’s farm. Noah remembered the shouting and gunfire, of coming across Devin and his partner, Kerry, desperately fighting off a small group of the undead monsters created by some twisted virus. He hadn’t hesitated when Devin was attacked. Noah had run headlong into the fray, determined he wasn’t going to see anyone die that day.
    “Trust me, I know.” Devin frowned as he nudged Noah’s arms higher. “But if you’re going to be out here with me, then I prefer to cover all bases. You should be able to protect yourself in every possible way.” He stopped and peered over the top of his sunglasses. “I want you safe. You may be immune, but you’re not invincible.” He hesitated, then gently turned Noah’s wrist. They both checked the old scars—jagged marks left by the mouths of hungry monsters. “You could easily find yourself in a situation you can’t fight your way out of with just your bare hands.”
    Tensing his jaw, Noah inspected Devin’s hand on his arm. Devin had scars of his own. With a breath, Noah focused back on the gun. Devin’s words were sobering. He knew he should be taking the training seriously, but all he could think was that they shouldn’t be wasting ammunition for him to practice, not when the bullets could be better spent by giving them to someone who could already hit their mark.
    “Have you been dry firing like I suggested?” Devin leaned in close and looked along the sight of the gun.
    Noah nodded. Devin had given him a snap cap to use to practice his aim. Devin was close enough that Noah could feel the beating of his heart when he leaned his chest against Noah’s biceps. Did Devin realize just how distracting it was to have him near?
    “Good,” Devin said. He stepped back, nudging Noah to raise his arm higher. “You see the front sight? That’s where I want you to focus.”
    Noah didn’t argue the fact he’d already been trying to do that. “Okay,” he agreed with a sigh.
    “This is important.” Devin touched Noah’s forearm and waited for Noah to face him. “Please?”
    Noah closed his eyes and took a breath. “I just don’t like the idea of wasting ammo.”
    Devin shook his head. “What good is ammo if no one’s around to use it?”
    He guessed Devin had a point. Noah’s gaze drifted from the gun sight to his forearm and the bite marks. So many people had died in the last year. 
    Why am I still alive? What makes me so special?
    “If you want another reason why we’re doing this, then it’s about protecting others. Not just yourself.” Devin cleared his throat and stepped back. “Things can go to shit in the blink of an eye. There’s not always time for you to run in and play hero.”
    Noah glanced along the range to where five splintered wooden boards were propped up about twenty yards away. He knew Devin was right. Time was critical if there was an attack. He eyed the boards and the crudely painted words in red on some—Zombies grrr, Feed me brains, and Romero was wrong. He wondered who had painted the words. He didn’t figure it for something Devin would have done. There was very little Devin found funny. He eyed the third board. 
    Romero was wrong.
    He’d seen the original movies, groups of shambling undead somehow catching up to and overpowering characters as they stood and stared, and seemed to scream for a full ten minutes before getting their tasty, soft, internal organs devoured. The reality of the dead rising was a little different, or at least it had been in the beginning. The freakish monsters were hungry and fast, and unnaturally strong. It was only now that some of the first to have turned, after severe decay, showed signs of slowing down and immobility. Could they just outlive the monsters? Hide away until they rotted to nothing more than bones?
    “Okay,” he said on a sigh, then set his sights on the center target. He steadied his aim and inhaled. Blinking, he readied himself to release his held breath, but Devin brought up his hand and held it over the gun, halting the practice.
    Noah glanced at Devin, who had set his gaze on the horizon. “What?” He narrowed his eyes and scanned the area. “Did you see something?” 
    Although the yard the range was set up in was considered clear and secure, there was no guarantee something might not stray into the area and beyond the protective wire mesh of the fence.
    “I don’t know. I thought I heard…” Devin thumbed the catch of his holster as he surveyed the area.
    The land surrounding the yard was mostly flat and open, ideal for reducing the chances of being caught unaware.
    Devin shook his head. “I guess it was nothing.” He didn’t turn away at first, and eyed where the fence met the edge of an abandoned warehouse. “Let’s call it a day, okay?”
    “Okay,” Noah agreed. He rubbed his stomach as it made a hungry growl. Hopefully, they would make it back to the prison in time for the afternoon meal. They had traveled several miles from the penitentiary to what could have been described as the middle of nowhere, to ensure the sound of gunfire didn’t draw any of the infected monsters to their door.
    Handing Devin the gun, Noah shifted his attention to the building. “This place was cleared, right?”
    Devin held the gun at his side. “A few weeks back.” He ran his hand over his unshaven jaw, then removed his shades, hooking them onto the front of his dark T-shirt.
    Could anything have gotten in since then?
    “The fence was secure. There was no evidence anything had got in or even tried to.” Devin sounded his thoughts. He scanned the yard. “I guess we should check it out.”
    Devin quirked an eyebrow. “Really.” He set his silver gaze on Noah.
    The intensity of Devin’s stare sent a shiver down Noah’s spine. He would never get over how strange, yet fascinating, Devin’s eyes were. He thought he would miss the clear blue Devin had studied him with when they’d first met, but all he could think about was how grateful he was Devin was here to look at him at all. Devin had been bitten. He’d been dying.
    To Noah they were beautiful.
    “Okay.” Noah shook away the memories of Chicago, trying to ignore the tightening of his chest. He walked to the car, where he took a red-handled fire ax from the trunk. He balanced the weapon in his hands, accustoming himself to the weight and feel of it. Though he felt uneasy, he knew they couldn’t leave without being sure. Neither he nor Devin would forgive themselves if anybody got hurt because they had dismissed their concerns and walked away.
    Together they proceeded to the large warehouse. Clouds slowly drifted across the sky, blotting out the sun and casting a hazy gray glow over the yard. They began their investigation at the corner of the premises, where the fence met the steel shell of the warehouse. Wooden pallets leaned against the side of the building. Old blood stained the light colored wood. 
    Devin edged toward the fence and wrapped his fingers in the wire mesh. Arching his neck, he examined the length of the building.
    “I don’t see anything,” he stated. “If this place is compromised, it’s not from this side.”
    Noah walked across the front of the warehouse. He stopped outside the large metal double doors. Idly, he reached out and pulled on the padlock attached to a chain, which secured the doors. “Should we break it?”
    Devin shook his head. “There’s a door round the side.” He pointed to the other end of the steel structure. “Check that first.”
    They made their way to the side entrance. Devin stepped forward and examined the broken handle. He tilted his head and looked grim. “There’s blood.” He took a step back.
    “Do you think it’s one of them?” Noah tightened his grip on the ax.
    “Freaks don’t usually go around smashing locks. But…” He raised his gun and pointed at the dried blood. “If someone was bitten, and sought shelter… They could have turned by now.”
    “Okay.” Noah didn’t know what else to say.
    Devin hesitated, then edged forward, leaning against the door as he listened. “I don’t hear anything—” A crackle of static and Jack Torres’s voice over the radio startled them both. 
    “Devin, you there?”
    “Christ.” Devin pressed his hand to his chest and stepped away from the door. He pulled the radio from his belt. “Great timing there, Jack,” he said in a hushed voice
    Noah smirked as Devin shot him a despairing look.
    “Why are you whispering?” Jack asked.
    Devin cleared his throat and moved farther away from the building. “No reason. Just checking something out. Everything okay?”
    “Yeah, just wondered if you guys were heading back soon?” Jack sounded edgy.
    “Is there a problem?” Devin narrowed his eyes. He glanced at Noah as he talked to Jack.
    Quickly, Jack dismissed Devin’s question. “No, no problem. I just need to talk to you about something.”
    “You sure?”
    “Yeah, yeah. It can wait. Come find me when you get back.”
    “Sure. See you in an hour maybe.” Devin secured the radio onto his belt.
    “What was that about?” Noah asked.
    Devin shrugged and fixed his attention back on the busted lock. “Let’s get this over with, then we can find out.” He held his gun in front of him. With his free hand, he pushed. “Something’s behind it,” he said when the door didn’t budge. “Stay sharp, okay?”
    Fear mixed with a rush of adrenaline as Noah flipped the ax over in his hand. He waited as Devin used his weight to shoulder an opening. There was a scraping sound. Whatever had been used to secure the exit was forced across the concrete floor of the warehouse. Eventually, Devin stumbled forward as the barricade fell away with a clatter.
    Noah peered over Devin’s shoulder, noting more of the wooden pallets. The building was dimly lit. Sunlight shone through overhead skylights, illuminating dust that hung in the air. They held off entering the building for a moment, waiting to see if the noise drew the interest of anything nonhuman. When nothing came of their, less than subtle, entrance, Devin took the lead and headed inside.
    The temperature in the warehouse was cooler than outside, and Noah shuddered as he examined the interior of the building. The space was high, higher than it seemed from the outside, and was filled with rows and rows of empty pallets. He looked at Devin who had stopped a few feet in. Noah examined the ground, noting what Devin had already spotted. There was more blood. Someone had been hurt, but not gravely, if the small amount of blood was anything to go by. Gravity had caused circular spatters where droplets had hit the floor, marking a path toward the front of the warehouse. Devin didn’t say anything and followed the intermittent stains.
    The silence was unnerving and Noah checked behind them. Content there was nothing there, he shifted his focus back to Devin and the row of pallets they were following to the front of the warehouse. Devin raised his gun as they neared the end of the aisle, stepping out as he turned the corner. He stopped, seemingly surprised. He glanced at Noah, his expression softening.
    Curious, Noah took the corner, catching sight of a woman and a young boy huddled together on the opposite side of the building. Though frightened, they appeared okay.
    Devin lowered his gun, and raised his other hand. “We aren’t going to hurt you. Are you injured?”
    Noah studied the pair along with Devin. The boy was pale and scared, but there was no obvious sign of injury. 
    When neither replied, Devin took a step toward them. “Are you alone?”
    Devin’s question was answered with an angry cry and blur of motion from his left. A man lunged at Devin, wielding a crowbar. Devin barely swerved the attack. The metal edge struck him on the shoulder, and unbalanced, he fell with a grunt to the dusty, hard ground.
    “Stop,” Noah yelled, putting himself between Devin and the desperate man. He raised the ax, aware there was a second person standing in the shadows. “Look, we’re not here to hurt you.” He shifted his weight as a teenage girl stepped forward. She held a dented aluminum baseball bat in her hand. “Devin? You okay?” Noah kept his gaze fixed on the two people in front of him.
    Devin coughed. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He cleared his throat and got to his feet. He rotated his shoulder, then joined Noah in the awkward standoff. He raised his gun and pointed it at the man.
    “What do you want?” the man asked. His voice was shaky. He edged closer to the teenage girl, favoring his right foot.
    “Are you hurt?” Noah said, drawing everyone’s attention to the poorly wrapped bandage above his left knee.
    “It’s nothing.”
    “Were you bitten?” Devin nodded toward the man’s leg.
    “He wasn’t.” The teenage girl jumped to the man’s defense. Her dark hair had been cropped into a short uneven bob, which formed a rough line along her jaw.
    Devin pursed his lips. “He your dad?”
    The girl nodded.
    “How about we all lower our weapons and figure this out, okay?” Devin glanced at Noah, indicating for him to go first.
    Though wary, Noah did as Devin instructed. “Fine.” He loosened his hold, lowering the ax to his side, and stepped back to put space between him and the still-armed father and daughter team.
    “Okay?” Devin returned his handgun to its holster. “We didn’t mean to scare you.”
    The man glanced at his daughter. “It’s okay, T.” He dropped his weapon, and encouraged his daughter to do the same.
    “I’m Devin, and this is Noah. We’re sorry if we scared you.”
    Hugging his daughter close, the man said, “Kirk. This is my daughter, Tatum.” He pointed in the direction of the woman and boy, who were still sitting together. “My wife, Marie, and our son, Samuel.”
    Devin seemed to relax when the man shared his and his family’s names. He kept his hand at his side. “Have you been here long?”
    Kirk blinked rapidly. “A couple of days. My son is sick. We needed somewhere safe.”
    “Sick?” Noah eyed the boy. “Sick, how?”
    “I don’t know.” Kirk’s shoulders dropped as he gazed at his boy. “He hasn’t eaten properly in days, and when he has, he’s thrown up soon after.”
    “I’m sorry,” Devin offered. He settled his sight on Noah. It was clear that he was considering what to do. Since the incident with Corden, they no longer had the luxury of taking people at their word. They had to be sure of who they were letting into the prison, no matter how adamant people were in claiming they were okay, or arguing that their injuries were from anything other than a bite.
    The father gave a strained smile at Devin’s voiced sympathy. “It’s been hard. No food, no shelter. Always moving. It’s hit him the worst.”
    Each member of the family appeared unkempt, dirty, and tired. Noah sucked on his teeth. These people needed help, help they could offer them. “Devin.”
    Devin raised his head. There was doubt in his eyes.
    “Please.” They were just people. Scared and exhausted people.
    Devin stared at the ground. “How did you hurt your leg?” he asked. “I can help your son, but you have to tell me the truth.”
    “On the fence.” Kirk looked from Devin to Noah. “I swear.” He wrapped his hand around his daughter’s. His face seemed brighter almost, as if he had been gifted with something amazing—the fact that maybe there was some hope and goodness left in the world after all.
    “And the kid? He’s just sick?”
    “Yes.” He nodded emphatically. “You’re part of a group? You have somewhere safe?”
    There was a beat before Devin confirmed they did have somewhere.  “We can help. We can look at your leg too, stop it from getting infected. But we’ll have to check you over. All of you. Properly. We can’t risk letting anyone who’s been bitten in. You understand, right?”
    “We understand. Do what you have to do, but please, help us.”
    Kirk’s desperation cut at Noah’s heart. If only it was just the undead monsters they had to deal with, but even now, despite all the horror and bloodshed, they were faced with the uncertainty of one another, of the danger other human beings still posed to them. Who should they trust? And who should they keep at arm’s length? He had fallen foul of people he thought were his friends, his neighbors. Distrust for others was why he had been alone when Devin had found him and why he had wanted to return to the farm, his farm, and be in a place he knew, not with Devin and the others at the prison. It was the reason he had survived for so long. But now, he couldn’t imagine anything else. He was glad Devin had shown up at the farm that day, even though his arrival had flipped everything he’d known on its head.
    He had put his trust in Devin.
    Noah looked from one family member to the next, then at Devin. They both knew this was the right thing to do. This was the human thing to do.

No matter what happens from here on, you're not alone...

Three months after 'Chicago incident', Devin still struggling with the 'changing' and how people staring strangely at him.

Focusing on training Noah skill so he could protect himself was another important thing for Devin, because as his 'wing man', Noah safety was beyond everything.

When Lukas came with the news about Chicago shelter had gone and also the possibility of no one had survived from the chaos, the news put them all in shocked.

On his way back from Chicago to the prison, Lukas also met with another survivors and bring them along with him and soon their present stir some conflicts among the survivors and Corden's ex-personal-army. And with that, the hope to find the cure also gone...

Being immune and the thought about being lonely if everyone he know will also vanished someday caused by the virus had made Noah think to find the answer, even it means he must left the one he loved behind...

Noah then decided to find the answer by himself and leave...

When Devin find out that Noah had left and endangered his life for the answer, he had no choice than to save his lover and bring him home safely.

Will Devin find Noah whereabouts and save him?


I must admit that the second book was way more intense and 'stressful' than the previous one. For the story that happen only in 48 hour, the tensions were 'there' and enough to make your heart beat faster.

I wish I could blame Noah for his 'stupidity', but I can't!
I also cannot blame Devin for still keeping all things to himself and living in Connor's memories and leave Noah in uncertainty about his position in Devin's heart.

The story still intriguing even there's almost no sex scenes in it except for some kiss here and there. But you still can feel the romance between Devin and Noah in the middle of the horrors scenes. But I feel its enough and the moments also right. Sometimes, when the story could 'distract' you or consumed you enough at some level, the sex scenes become not quite important anymore. At least that what I feel when I read this book.

The hospital scenes feels so intense and consuming. I need to hold my breath at 64% reading because what had happen to Noah scared the hell out of me!

The hospital scenes also introduce us to some new characters to the story like Mac, Yara, March and Brandon. But among all the new characters, it's Brandon who successfully stole my attention and made me curious even more about his 'story'.

Overall, the story still intriguing and interesting enough to follow even with the cliffy ending, and I do really enjoying the reading.

Really can't wait for what will happen next to Noah and Devin on their way to find the answer. And I hope that the next book will be the final story from this series, because reading more than three books with the same MC's was not my thing. 

So, dear author...
Please don't make us wait for that long again...
Thank you...


Dead Things Series

Dead Things (Currently Free)
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Meredith Russell lives in the heart of England. An avid fan of many story genres, she enjoys nothing less than a happy ending. She believes in heroes and romance and strives to reflect this in her writing. Sharing her imagination and passion for stories and characters is a dream Meredith is excited to turn into reality.